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FRP Grating molding process

 Liquid resin and continuous fiberglass rovings are systematically laid in a mold, layer after layer manually, to produce the desired thickness and panel dimensions. The finished molds are set aside for a predetermined time to allow the panel to cure. The panel is then ejected from the mold. The molds are cleaned and prepared for the process to begin again.  

Pultrusion process

Pultrusion is a manufacturing process for producing continuous lengths of reinforced polymer structural shapes with constant cross-sections. 

The reinforcement materials are in continuous forms such as rolls of fiberglass mat and doffs of fiberglass roving. As the reinforcements are saturated with the resin mixture ("wet-out") in the resin bath and pulled through the die, the gelation, or hardening, of the resin is initiated by the heat from the die and a rigid, cured profile is formed that corresponds to the shape of the die. While pultrusion machine design varies with part geometry, the basic pultrusion process concept is described in the schematic shown below.